Summer 2018: What is the Latest in Bathroom Vanities?

By: JP Drolet
Summer 2018: What is the Latest in Bathroom Vanities?

Tiles, beautiful colors, and fixtures are some of the items needed in updating or installing a bathroom. When it comes to summer 2018 trends, what is the latest in bathroom vanities? It’s a top question for designers and homebuilders today.

When it Comes to Design, what is the Latest in Bathroom Vanities?

One of the most significant trends of the season is building sinks directly into the vanity top. Using materials like granite or quartz, the sink and vanity top are one and the same. It gives the vanity and unifying look, while also saving money on an additional fixture. In fact, stone everything is popular at the moment. Some homeowners are filing their bathrooms top to bottom with beautiful slabs of excellent materials. The stone makes a room incredibly impactful, and a sink matching the walls and floors only helps bring the vision together.

As far as color goes, monochromatic is at an all-time high. The millennial simplicity influence has brought many homeowners, homebuilders, and remodelers to a modern-colored world. In this generation, it’s all about the simple items of life, and that includes sticking to blacks, whites, greys, and other neutral tones. Vanities that are either white marble or quartz tend to do very well in this environment. Some homeowners are even adding in stone showers to tie it all together!

What will never go out of style is the Jack & Jill style sinks. The pairing is usually a big incentive for couples looking to move into a new space. Of course, it allows spending time simultaneously, without stepping on one another. However, a small change is a floating vanity or a vanity that doesn’t have anything visibly holding it up. There are a handful of trends that keep making an appearance, but what’s extremely important in any home is finding a company that can offer high-quality work, materials, and installation. At Delorie Countertops & Doors, they provide South Florida with expertise during the entire process. They help measure, do their own fabricating, and installations. With over 15 years of experience and more than 400 workers, they know how to handle all bathroom needs.

If you’re ready to start your bathroom building or remodel, contact Delorie Countertops & Doors today at 954-970-7661. If you’re looking for a one-stop company, they also work with cabinet doors, sinks, kitchen cabinets, solid surfaces, laminate, and quartz! What is the latest in bathroom vanities? Visit their showroom today to see for yourself!

JP Drolet

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