With Silestone, spaces are designed to withstand the test of time; your only worry is enjoying yourself! Our surfaces at Silestone are a mixture of premium minerals, quartz, and recycled materials. We offer beauty, durability, and sustainability. We have been offering the most advanced and most sustainable materials in the market, perfect for your budget and lifestyle! 

We manufacture our materials exclusively. Hence, you cannot find anything like this in the market. Because of our top-quality products, we have reached millions of homes in different countries across the globe. We improved the lives of a lot of homeowners worldwide. 

Silestone is known for its continuous innovation. We continually improve to give you the best of our materials and improve your quality of life. While we pursue innovation, we do not forget the environment. That is why we push for sustainability with every product that we make. Our materials alone are a testimony of our commitment to sustainable development. 

Our brand is known to pursue sustainability so that all of us can live in a better world while we push for modern living with Silestone. 

With Silestone, you have a lot of colors to choose from. Choose the color that matches your personality or the theme of your kitchen. Silestone offers three textures: 

  • Polished: smooth and seamless
  • Suede: a matte finish
  • Volcano: rough and attractive

Let us transform your space! Silestone has been known for setting trends in the market for kitchen countertops. Create with us, evolve with us, start your journey with Silestone.

We Partner With The Best Manufacturer In The Industry To Bring You The Highest Quality Products