Premoule wood

Premoule wood

Prémoulé has been customizing cabinet doors to a lot of homeowners for the past 50 years. We have been leading in the industry since 1968. Our brand is known for supplying residential and commercial areas in the cabinet-making industry. 

Prémoulé is known for providing cabinet wood doors. Choosing wood as the material for your kitchen cabinet doors, you have many choices when it comes to getting the materials from. You can choose from red oak, white oak, pine, maple, hickory, or something else that you prefer. 

Our company is known to provide wood cabinet doors in Canada and North America. We have 6 plants, 4 cutting stations, and more than 400 employees in Quebec and Ontario. Prémoulé wood offers you timeless and classy designs of woodworks when it comes to cabinet doors. Durability is also another thing we offer. Because of the solid wood’s durability, your wood kitchen cabinet doors are likely to have a longer life. With Prémoulé wood, your door is possible to get chipped, peeled, or damaged.

Because we are one of the most leading companies in the industry, we are known to create trends and innovate around our products. We base our innovation on real customer research. Hence, we can deliver the best products that satisfy our clients’ needs. 

Prémoulé adapts to the trend and advanced technology. We provide the solutions that our customers need. Our loyal community customers across Canada and North America include kitchen designers, cutting centers, distributors, woodworkers, manufacturers of furniture, architects, and interior designers. 

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