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Melamine Cabinet Door in Pompano Beach, FL

People often say that your kitchen reflects your personality. What does your kitchen speak of you? Does it look classy? Does it make a striking statement about you? Everything about kitchen designing or kitchen remodeling is personal because it is a reflection of your home. Everything should be carefully looked into and decided, from the design up to the materials.

Many people obsess over the walls and countertops, but another thing needs to be designed and made to have a great kitchen, and these are your kitchen cabinet doors! Your kitchen cabinet doors should match your walls and countertops. Delorie Countertops & Doors can make that happen!

Our team wants you to have a great-looking kitchen with matching cabinet doors. We know that for cabinet doors, aesthetics is important, but we also want to make sure you keep everything in line with your budget. For budget-conscious homeowners, the best option for you is melamine cabinet doors.

Delorie Countertops & Doors have been providing kitchen cabinet doors and countertops in Pompano Beach for more than 20 years. Our team will take care of the whole process – from measuring, fabricating, and installing. Delorie Countertops & Doors is considered one of the most trusted in the industry. We only offer the best quality products and services to our clients. As a supplier and installer of cabinet doors and countertops, our team is dedicated to providing quality products at competitive prices.

Melamine cabinet door for your kitchen

Melamine cabinet door for your kitchen

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Then cabinet doors are something you should be thinking of because there are a lot of materials to consider, from wood to polyester to stainless steel or melamine. Which one is the best for your kitchen? The type of material you will use depends on your budget and the interior design of your kitchen.

If you want something that looks great and is affordable, you might want to consider melamine cabinet doors.

When it comes to the modern designing of kitchen cabinets, melamine is a popular plastic material. It is widely used because of its wide variety of hue and pattern possibilities. Melamine is less expensive than wood; hence, you can achieve the color and design you want at an affordable cost!

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) vs. Thermally-Fused Laminate (TFL)

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) vs. Thermally-Fused Laminate (TFL)

There are two types of melamine laminate: high-pressure laminate and thermally-fused laminate. The differences between the two are the following:

  1. High-Pressure Laminate
    • most sturdy laminate than TFL
    • flexible because of layers of kraft paper
    • can be bent for curved surface
    • has a wider variety of designs for hue and patterns
    • more resistant to moisture
  1. Thermally-Fused Laminate
    • less expensive than HPL
    • more commonly available
    • more slender but is stronger against scratches and chips
    • peel resistant
    • has a lot of design options
    • cannot be bent

Pros of using melamine for kitchen cabinet door

If you are about to do a kitchen remodeling, consider melamine as a material for your kitchen cabinet doors. The following are the pros of melamine cabinet doors:

Cons of melamine kitchen cabinet doors

After knowing the pros of having melamine cabinet doors, let us discuss the cons.

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Looking for a team who can make melamine kitchen cabinet doors? Look no further, Delorie Countertops and Doors can make that happen. We have been providing kitchen cabinet doors and countertops for a lot of clients in Pompano Beach FL for more than 20 years. Here at Delorie Countertops & Doors, we take care of the whole process– from measuring, fabricating, and installing.

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Melamine Cabinet Door FAQs

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