What is the Latest Design in Bathroom Vanities?

By: JP Drolet
What is the Latest Design in Bathroom Vanities?

When it comes to trends, bathrooms are always something you’ll want to keep up-to-date, as an out-of-date bathroom is easy to spot. With a bathroom, anything is possible. There are multiple types of stone, tubs, showers, fixtures, lights, and more than can transform an area from standard to incredible. Lately, there have been a lot of 2018 trends revolving around remodeled bathrooms, which leaves many wondering, ‘what is the latest design in bathroom vanities?’

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One of the most significant trends this year is one-material rooms. This means that the walls, vanity, and flooring are all harmoniously made up of the same high-quality material. This continual encasement gives the room automatic uniformity. Therefore, the vanities merely blend in with the rest of the bathroom, using materials such as quartz, marble, or solid surface options.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, another trend that hit the market this year was floating vanities. Essentially, this means that all of the plumbing is tucked underneath the vanity, making it seem as though nothing is holding it down or propping it up. This is a very modern approach to new bathrooms, yet the trend seems to show no signs of slowing down any time soon! Materials for these vanities can be almost anything you can imagine, from wooden bases and marble tops to laminate or floating quartz.

Whether you want to update your bathroom or start from scratch, our team can help you design the bathroom vanity of your dreams. At Delorie Countertops and Doors, we are a one-stop-shop offering measuring, fabricating, and installation. We’ve been in business for over a decade and continue to grow due to the satisfaction of our clients. What is the latest design in bathroom vanities? No matter what your style is, Delorie Countertops and Doors has it all!

JP Drolet

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