Living Stone

Living Stone

By: JP Drolet

Living Stone has been manufacturing, marketing, and distributing solid surface sheet materials for over 50 years. Our clients trust us to provide timeless and elegant designs of 100% acrylic solid surfaces. 

Acrylic solid surface has been known as an excellent investment since the 1960s. This is an additional value for your home or even for your commercial property. If you want a sleek and integrated surface, then choose Living Stone! We have a solid surface that promotes cleanliness. It has no sink lips. Hence, dirt is not welcome. Say bye-bye to germs because the sleek solid surface countertops of Living Stone are non-porous and easy to clean.  Your kitchen will be free from germs and bad odors. 

Many homeowners choose Living Stone solid surfaces because they are easy to maintain and clean. With just a wipe of water and bleach, germs cannot penetrate! Also, we offer countless designs at very affordable prices. 

We are committed to providing you a wide range of options when it comes to designs. Living Stone has 77 exceptional colors! We are one of the leading brands of 100% acrylic solid surfaces. However, we are known for better quality with affordable prices, which other brands cannot match. All our colors are best sellers! With a solid acrylic surface, the resale value of your home will be increased. 

Our material is durable, but just to assure you, we have a fully transferrable 15 years warranty. If it needs repair, or it needs to be replaced due to damage in manufacturing, we can do it for you free of charge.  

JP Drolet

Jean-Philippe Drolet brings over 18 years of sales and business development experience to his role at Delorie Countertops & Doors. Originally from Quebec City, Canada, he relocated to Florida in 2005 and assumed leadership of Delorie. Over the last five years, J.P. has dedicated himself to enhancing the company in various aspects, with a constant focus on achieving excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. His efforts have solidified Delorie's position as a leading countertop fabricator and cabinet door distributor in South Florida, reflecting J.P.'s commitment to quality and service.

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