Pro Teint

Pro Teint

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One thing that you should know is that pro teint finishing is hand-applied. With this, its benefit is that it improves the door and the other components. Pro teint finishing offers customized solutions. This kind of finishing satisfies a client’s specific needs, and we assure that the solution we provide matches the customer’s demand. 

Custom-made orders are handcrafted according to what the customer wants. Pro teint finishing offers timeless and elegant style. It is easy to clean and is scratch-resistant. 

Prémoulé offers pro teint finish. Our company has been one of the leading brands in the industry for the past 50 years. Since 1968, we have been supplying both for residential and commercial projects.

Across Canada, we have: 

  • 6 plants
  • 4 cutting stations
  • more than 400 employees

We also have decorative hardware that complements the pro teint finish of your cabinet doors

As one of the most leading brands in the industry, we set trends and provide continuous innovative solutions to our clients. We deliver high-quality products and services. Our customer base in Canada and North America includes kitchen designers, cutting centers, distributors, woodworkers, construction companies, home builders, furniture manufacturers, architects, and interior designers. 

Our company’s values include: 

  • Commitment
  • Ingenuity
  • Integrity
  • Attention to detail

For the past 50 years, we have stood out among other brands because of the quality of our products. So start your journey with us. We have a customer-focused approach that lets us pursue customized solutions for your needs regarding pro teint finishing. We prioritize quality and customer experience.

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