In Style 2020: Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

By: JP Drolet
In Style 2020: Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

A decade ago, the kitchen cabinets of Pompano Beach looked much different than they do now. As the tastes of newcomers are changing, the styles are too. What used to be in, is now out, making homeowners antsy to change their previous designs. As springtime blossoms and blooms, more individuals push to remodel their homes. However, it’s important to stay on-trend, in case one wants to sell or rent out their home. Let’s dive deeper to see what’s in store for this year!


Mix and Match Materials for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach 


In the later part of 2010, more designers started playing with the idea of mix and match materials. While the concept died out shortly after, designers are now starting to see the trend re-appear. This simply means that homeowners are getting more eccentric with the materials they’d like to work with. Perhaps the countertops and the cabinet bases don’t necessarily match, or wouldn’t traditionally be seen together, but with an excellent design team, anything is possible! Not only would this create a unique kitchen combination, but it’d be an icebreaker for all of your guests.


Lean and Sleek 


Simplicity and minimalism are trends we’ll continue to see for the next few years, as millennials are becoming the primary homeowners, homebuyers, apartment renters, and modern-day designers. This is a safe option for those who are thinking about selling or renting out their home. A sleek design is safe, but it’s also gorgeous to look at. Light tonewoods, white countertops, and minimal hardware is the base of any sleek kitchen.


Tranquility Greens 


The tranquil hues of forest green is a big player this year, especially in terms of paint and home accents. In kitchens, we’re seeing this play out as well, especially in painted cabinetry. People are using green painted cabinets as a base, and green remnant stones as their backsplashes. Because kitchens are a place where so many individuals spend time these days, it’s crucial that they reflect a welcoming and calm ambiance.


Going Green 


Materials do matter, especially to those who are beginning to buy homes, or rent properties. They’re looking for products that have been created consciously, and that happen to be eco-friendly. They want to feel good about their purchases and want to know that they’re supporting a good cause, as opposed to leaving yet another damaging footprint.




Last, but not least, we’re seeing a big mix of styles. Neo-Traditionalism points to traditional cabinets, with vintage and contemporary elements mixed in. Some examples include clean counters or minimal backsplashes. There’s a way to make all of the favorites from the decades come together. It’s for the old soul, who still loves a modern approach!


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JP Drolet

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