Which Solid Surface Countertops in Pompano Beach, FL are Best?

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Solid surface countertops may be awesome in some aspects, but lack in others. It just depends on your preference and what you are looking for that determine whether or not solid surface countertops are for you, and if so, what kind. Delorie Countertops & Doors Inc in Pompano Beach will help you choose the right countertop if you decide that a solid surface countertop is definitely something you want. Here are a few pros and cons of solid surface countertops. If you have any other questions you can call us at (954) 970-7661.


Non-Porous – Resists stains and doesn’t require any sealing

Durable – Impact resistant

Long Lasting – Can be maintained for a long period of time.

Seamless Joints – Allows for expansive stretches of countertop without visible seams and integral sinks with no visible joints (other than the delineation between a sink and countertop of different colors).

Waterproof – No worries about water damage in the proximity of sinks

Manufactured Widely – Numerous makers result in a wide color selection and great price comparison

Warm Feel – Doesn’t feel as cold to the touch as stone, metal or tile

Homogeneous – The color and pattern goes all the way through the material so that it maintains its look even if it needs slight maintenance


Not Tolerant to High Heat – Being a plastic, it’s not immune to high heat sources or possible damage from the application of hot cookware

Glossy Surfaces Limit Practicality – Glossy surfaces will tend to show scratches and dull more easily than other finishes which are more practical in frequent-use areas

Prone to Scratches and Cuts – Plastic is obviously softer than metal, stone and tile and will need more care to avoid this type of wear and tear

Requires Skilled Fabricators – Longevity, quality and sometimes warranty depend on the skills and qualifications of the fabricator installing the countertop

Who Has the Best Solid Surface Countertops?

The quantity of colors and patterns varies among manufacturers. Each brand will have their own different color categories and while there are similarities, there are differences as well. Some specialize in very unique colors not offered by other manufacturers. Cost will vary somewhat among manufacturers and even between color and pattern selections within a particular brand selection. Delorie Countertops & Doors should always be your first choice for countertops and more.

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