Top Modern Designs for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

By: JP Drolet
Top Modern Designs for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

Kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach are part of what makes a home. In fact, the cabinets in a kitchen can play a significant role in resale value, and overall home style. The cabinets tend to set the tone for the kitchen. When building a new home or remodeling, modern houses are common. In South Florida, people love the open, bright, and vibrant ambiances that go with the warm, tropical paradise.

Modern Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

There are a few trends this year for modern kitchen cabinets. Of course, all white cabinets tend to do very well. They open up space and can blend with anything. Even if the home has a traditional setting, the white cabinets can easily integrate. White goes well with stainless steel or equally bright appliances. Light wood, on the other hand, is a perfect option for those who are looking to add Earth-tones. The wood gives a minimalistic feel, yet continues to be a top modern choice.

If homeowners really want to do something different, black is the way to go. The sleek, beautiful finish gives an air of elegance and futuristic beauty. While they won’t brighten a space, they will blend in with almost any other surface. Last, but certainly not least, mixes are trending. Adding white with dark mahoganies are becoming a popular option, as it gives homeowners a lovely blend.

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JP Drolet

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