Tips for Improving Your Home’s Value: Kitchen Remodeling

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One of the first thing potential home buyers tend to examine is the kitchen. It can often be the deciding factor for both selling and buying. No matter if the desire to improve a home’s appeal and value to get ready for market, or just taking care of an investment, remodeling the kitchen properly can be wise move to make. It is never enough to simply update a kitchen, care should be taken to choose an effective and aesthetically pleasing selection of materials and upgrades.

Countertops Speak Loudly

Aside from major appliances and cabinets, countertops is one of the three major points to consider during a kitchen remodel. There are many fine choices in styles and materials, but some of the most sought after and value-increasing types include: solid surface (Corian for example),  quartz, and laminate. Granite and stone countertops are also popular choices, but it can be debatable in terms of value when it comes to upkeep and durability for well-used settings. Solid surface, quartz, and laminate surfaces all offer a wide range of colors and appearances while also providing a high level of durability and ease of upkeep.

Cabinets Are Judged By Their Covers

It is not only important for there to be adequate storage space and shelving within kitchen cabinets, it is imperative that the doors look appealing. One of the first things that catch peoples attention when they walk into a kitchen are the cabinet doors. Between the countertops and cabinets, the biggest first impressions are formed. It is important that they look clean and uniform, which is why most homeowners opt for a professional instillation service for kitchen remodeling.

Appliances and Accents

Some homeowners don’t consider the flooring as a particular part to a kitchen remodel, but almost all consider the major appliances as an important aspect to the project. There is little point in redoing the design and look of a kitchen, if the old refrigerator and oven do not match the new surroundings. In addition to bringing major, and often times minor, appliances up to the speed of the new counters and cabinets, remodeling is also a chance to add in accents. Adding in decorative tile work for the walls, especially near windows and sinks, is a common side project that homeowners get around to during a kitchen remodeling. From something as simple as single ceramic tiles, to sections of mosaic glass tiles,  it is often the little accents that really bring a kitchen together in terms of design and appeal.

JP Drolet

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