Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinets for Your Pompano Beach Home

By: JP Drolet
Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinets for Your Pompano Beach Home

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach is tricky. Selecting the wrong ones may not provide enough space, functionality, style, and feel. Those who do it right, have a kitchen they will admire for many years to come. A kitchen that serves all of their needs and increases the value of the property. Those who don’t do such a good job choosing their cabinets, end up hating them soon after. 

Selecting the Best Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

Finding the right kitchen cabinets is an important part of making the home have a certain look and feel. Your kitchen adds to the value of the property and is usually one of the largest expenses when remodeling your home. In some cases, the cabinets can be up to 40% of the redesign cost of the kitchen, which is why it’s so important to have the help of a professional like the ones we have here at Delorie Countertops & Windows. There are several factors be considered when selecting the right kitchen cabinets for your Pompano Beach home, they include the budget, materials, style, doors, and function. Keep reading to learn more


There are numerous types of kitchen cabinets and your budget usually decides which one works best. The average costs can range from $70 per to $500 per linear foot, and the average kitchen has between 25 and 30 linear feet for the cabinets, so you’ll have to consider the amount of space you want to fill when developing your budget. 

There are different cabinets to choose from to include stock, semi-custom, and custom. Stock cabinets can start around $70 per linear foot, and they can be fully or partially assembled. The semi-custom kitchen cabinets start at $150 and can go up to $250+ per linear foot. Custom cabinets can go above $500 per linear foot, and they are designed to fit certain specifications for your kitchen allowing for much more customization. All of this will play a role in how your budget is allocated so be sure to consider this information when planning your new kitchen! 


There are a variety of materials to choose from when selecting kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach, FL. The most popular is solid wood, but, there are other choices to include metal, stainless steel, melamine, and thermo-foil. The type of material you choose will play a big part in deciding the look and feel of the kitchen


The cabinet doors are the first thing that everyone sees when they go into the kitchen. Some people prefer the classic, wooden look. Others want a modern feel and use granite finishes. No matter which option you choose, your kitchen cabinet doors can be further customized with hand fixtures of your choosing. 


The function looks at what is going to be stored in the cabinets and the space around them. The biggest thing is to think about is, how well your kitchen’s cabinets work in addressing all of your needs. This means selecting cabinets that offer easy access and can hold all of the items. There are different options available including additional shelves and drawers, that go inside the cabinets so you’ll always have the option to customize shelving as well. The main idea when considering cabinet functionality is to make sure the cabinet can meet your current and future needs. 

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Finding the right kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach requires looking at the current and future needs and considering what’s best for you and your home. This means focusing on several areas to make the best decisions to include: the budget, materials, style, doors, and function. When you work with the team here at Delorie Countertops & Doors to choose your kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach, we consider all of these things with you to help you come up with the perfect design for your home! To learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at (954) 970 7661 to speak with an expert today!

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