Start Your Summer Off Right With a Stunning Bathroom Vanity in Pompano Beach

By: JP Drolet
Start Your Summer Off Right With a Stunning Bathroom Vanity in Pompano Beach

What better way to start the summer off than with a bathroom remodel. When we greet the day in the morning it usually begins at the bathroom vanity, so you want it to be something that is durable yet also attractive. It also should reflect your unique style. It’s the place where your personal hygiene is front and center, so you not only need something that looks attractive, but you need something sturdy and reliable as well. The counter that tops your vanity is often the most used and abused. So, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right countertop material to complement your lifestyle. At Delorie Countertops & Doors we showcase the highest quality countertops for all your vanity top needs and at the most affordable prices. We offer laminate countertops, solid surface, and quartz countertops.

Quality materials that are designed to last.

At Delorie Countertops & Doors, you’ll find that all of our materials are top quality in durable designs that are sure to last. Vanity countertops are available in endless combinations of color, cut, and style. For more streamlined bathroom designs, you can choose from a variety of modern looks in solid colors. These countertops can come in virtually any style you’re looking for! Whether you’re interested in solid-colored countertops or countertops that mimic the look of stone, you can find your perfect fit when you work with our expert designers and countertop fabricators.  

Vanity Options for a lux look!

Everyone wants luxury features in the bath these days. And the best news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to do achieve a lux look.  At Delorie Countertops & Doors we can help you create the bathroom vanity in Pompano Beach that you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank. These days, solid surface countertops like Corian and Avonite are increasingly popular and a viable alternative to quartz and granite, which can be a bit more expensive. Solid surface vanity tops bring you a luxury look with budget-friendly prices.  Solid surface vanity tops have come a long way in recent years. In fact, many solid surface countertops rival the look, strength, and durability of more expensive countertops. And because solid surface countertops are manufactured for absolute perfection, these non-porous surfaces bring many great benefits for your needs. They also come in an array of stunning colors. You can enjoy stain resistance, heat resistance, and even low heat transference. Additionally, solid surface countertops are for the most part seamless, which helps avoid unsightly lines or gaps in our countertop.  These repairable countertops are non-porous, helping prevent staining. They’re also incredibly hygienic thanks to their impervious structure.

Come check out our showroom!

Countertop types have grown by leaps and bounds when it comes to style and strength. Whatever style bathroom vanity in Pompano Beach you’re looking for, Delorie Countertops & Doors can help. Our staff of professional contractors and designers can take care of everything from planning the layout to installing the vanity countertops and cabinets. 

Ready to find out more?

Creating a bathroom vanity in Pompano Beach creation is easy when you choose Delorie Countertops & Doors, a trusted leader in Kitchen and bath design, fabrication, and installation in Pompano Beach.

When you’re looking for affordable countertops in an array of innovative styles, give us a call at (954) 970-7661 to learn how we can help you make the best choices for your kitchen and bath remodel. With years of expertise in the kitchen and bath industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. We look forward to working with you on your project! Rest assured that during the COVID-19 crisis, our countertop designers and installers wear masks and follow safe social distancing protocols. When you choose a countertop or any products from Delorie Countertops & Doors, you’re getting quality at an affordable price! We guarantee that with a little creativity and know-how your kitchen will soon become your dream space. 

JP Drolet

Jean-Philippe Drolet brings over 18 years of sales and business development experience to his role at Delorie Countertops & Doors. Originally from Quebec City, Canada, he relocated to Florida in 2005 and assumed leadership of Delorie. Over the last five years, J.P. has dedicated himself to enhancing the company in various aspects, with a constant focus on achieving excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. His efforts have solidified Delorie's position as a leading countertop fabricator and cabinet door distributor in South Florida, reflecting J.P.'s commitment to quality and service.

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