Redesigning Your Kitchen with a Quartz Countertop is a Smart Choice

Redesigning Your Kitchen with a Quartz Countertop is a Smart Choice

Redesigning your kitchen can be an exciting yet overwhelming task. Chances are you may already have an idea of what cabinets you want, but you may not be as sure about your countertop options. And rightly so, since there are so many wonderful surfaces and styles to choose from today. At Delorie Countertops & Doors, quartz countertops are among the most popular countertop choices. But which one is actually better for your lifestyle? There are many benefits to quartz countertops, including increased stain resistance, durability, hygienic, and chip resistance.  If you have little ones at home, a more durable choice like quartz might be right for you. Delorie Countertops & Doors is a certified installer and distributor for Caesarstone, Silestone and Zodiaq quartz products. We also offer 10-15 year transferable warranties.

Refresh your kitchen with a quartz countertop!

Picture the ultimate low maintenance product that is elegant with stunning designs in a dazzling variety of colors to choose from. New quartz countertops in Pompano Beach will enhance any existing design or work perfectly with new looks too. Stronger than granite, quartz is heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. Since it is primarily an engineered material, you don’t have the problems of small imperfections that natural stone often comes with. 

What are the Pros of Quartz Countertops? 

  • Durable. If you want the most beautiful and durable countertop for your kitchen and bath, especially if you have kids or pets—quartz is an excellent choice. When you choose quartz, you’re getting all that and more.  Quartz is strong, durable and comes in an array of bright appealing colors. Because it is just as popular today as granite, some like to say that it is more scratch and scuff resistant than natural stone.  
  • Stain Resistant. Quartz has a non-porous surface that is more stain-resistant than granite, marble, and concrete. When you choose a product like quartz to use on your countertops or backsplash, your home will look clean, stylish and sleek. 
  • Hygienic. Quartz’s non-porous surface helps keep the germ population at bay. If you’ve little ones who tend to get messy, quartz’s germ-fighting properties are a real plus.
  • Choice of colors. When you select a slab of granite, you generally don’t get to choose the color scheme. Sure, you choose a product with the colors you like, but it isn’t a custom product because it’s naturally occurring. Because quartz is almost all engineered material, you have a say in the choice of the color and specific piece you want.
  • No Polishing Needed. Quartz countertops never need polishing to stay at their most beautiful. Its natural beauty shines in any kitchen! Quartz is the ideal material for countertops in the most luxurious mansions or spaces with the smallest budgets. Quartz countertops are beautiful yet affordable. 

Consider the Best Quality for your countertops

 Consider Delorie Countertops & Doors your one-stop-shop for the best quartz countertops in Pompano Beach. We have everything you need and more under one roof. We import, sell and fabricate the most popular countertop designs. What’s more, our design and installation team can help create the perfect custom countertops for your home. Whether you’re looking to refresh your kitchen or your bathroom, we’ve got the perfect countertops to choose from. We can also customize your countertops with great designs including shapes, cutouts, and edges. 

Ready to find out more?

So, when you’re looking for quality, affordability and style in quartz countertops in Pompano Beach, don’t hesitate to stop by and browse our selections in our large showroom. Serving the Pompano Beach and South Florida communities since 1999, not only do we have very affordable options in new quartz countertops, but a host of other design elements that you can use to remodel your kitchen and bath. If you’re looking for the highest quality quartz countertops in Pompano Beach, call the team at Delorie Countertops & Doors. The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone on guard these days. We’ve ensured that during the COVID-19 crisis, our countertop designers and installers wear masks and follow safe social distancing protocols. Contact us today!

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