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Solid Surface sinks are chemically bonded to the countertop creating a smooth, one-piece look. No grout lines, no gaps, and no places to collect bacteria, mold and mildew. Sinks mounted under granite will have visible seams. Edges and recesses are prone to moisture/ mold and bacteria growth.


Consistency of pattern and color, plus chemical bonding to fuse Solid Surface pieces provide very inconspicuous seams. No grout to clean or replace, and liquids cannot penetrate the surface. Countertop edges are clean and seamless. Edge styles can be shaped and routed offering endless options.

Granite will have visible seams that can become stained and dirty with time.


Solid Surface is nonporous. Stains will not seep into the surface. Surface stains are easily wiped away with soap and water or buffed away for good.

All granite is porous and stains easily. It must be properly and routinely sealed.


Solid Surface meets FDA, ASTM and NSF standards for commercial food preparation, food contact and bacterial resistance. Solid Surface is the only healthy choice for Restaurants, Hospitals and other applications where bacterial resistance is important!

Granite has small surface crevices where bacteria can hide and is harder to keep clean. Routine sealing will help protect against these conditions – as long as the sealant remains intact and is resealed on a regular basis. Granite currently does not meet any of the above standards and is not approved for commercial food service or Health Care applications.


Placing a scalding hot pan on any countertop surface is not recommended and is not a normal occurrence. The use of trivets is recommended. However, if minor heat damage occurs to Solid Surface, it can usually be buffed away by the homeowner. A certified installer can inconspicuously repair more severe damage.

Granite is very heat resistant” however the sealant used on the surface is not.


Solid Surface is normally accompanied with long – transferable warranties. It is easy to clean and does not require any sealing. Minor scratches and burns can be buffed away by the homeowner, while certified installers easily repair more serious damage.

Granite requires routine resealing, polishing, and specialized cleaning products and methods. Chips/scratches or breaks are difficult to repair and are usually visible. Granite products are typically not warrantied. Over time/ internal weaknesses inherent in stone (internal fissures/ natural cracks/ impurities/ etc.) may affect performance.

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