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Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface is most usually referred to as “Corian” (which is the most well known brand of solid surface). Solid surface is a man-made product consisting of either 100% acrylic or an acrylic/polyester blend. It is a non- porous material which makes it extremely stain resistant and also very hygienic, as no bacteria, etc. can penetrate it. Delorie carries all of the most popular lines of solid surface, and there are hundreds of colors available making it easy to find a color perfectly suited to your taste. A lot of times customer are trying to make a choice between granite and solid surface for their countertops, and are not really sure what
the differences are, or the benefits of choosing solid surface. For a comparison between solid surface vs. granite, please click here.

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  • Stain & Heat Resistant
  • Seamless & Repairable 
  • Non-Porous, Hygienic Material
  • Long, Transferable Warranty

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All of the lines of solid surface we carry come with 10-15 year transferable warranties. For information on a specific brand, please contact our office.

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