What is the Latest Design in Kitchen Cabinets?

By: JP Drolet
What is the Latest Design in Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets aren’t just for looks. They’re an essential part of any home. While they do keep the kitchen seemingly clean and put together, they also offer a variety of storage options. The cabinet has remained relatively similar over the years, but there are a few unique trends that are new. For example, minimalism is the new must-have. Most homeowners are looking for a simple and smooth layout. If you’re wondering what the latest design in kitchen cabinets is, Delorie Countertops has some wonderful suggestions!  

What is the Latest Design in Kitchen Cabinets 2019? Color Customization! 

It’s true that minimalism is what most homeowners are craving, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t splashes of color thrown into the mix. Now, more than ever, people are getting more daring with their kitchens, using bold statement pieces to draw attention and spark conversation. Colors such as yellow, tan, and grey are common for those looking to be on the simple side, while blues, navies, and emerald are for the more extroverted.  

Oak Wood  

Oak was a big part of mid-century homes. Because mid-century is returning at a rapid pace, people are beginning to incorporate similar textures and tones. Grains in wood are desired, and oak also has a neutral color that fits in with minimalism and modernism of our time. Oak looks natural and gives an earthy ambiance however it’s used.  

Traditional Forever 

While modernism is at its peak, it doesn’t mean that traditional styles are no longer desirable. In fact, more and more homeowners are starting to see the beauty in traditional designs. Before, it was considered clunky. Now, it’s considered sophisticated. The warmth of traditional designs can bring a certain warmth and nostalgia to a kitchen. Additionally, traditional cabinets tend to have excellent storage options, giving homeowners plenty of space for dishes and other belongings.  

White Cabinets  

White cabinets can be used on traditional themes or more euro-modern approaches. Some woods, such as oak, are even light enough to be a white-grey. The reason white is such a popular option in kitchens right now is because of the clean aesthetics they provide. White opens up a space and makes it seem larger than it is. The simple coloring allows for other elements of a kitchen to flourish, such as wooden floors, handle hardware, stainless steel appliances, or a beautiful backsplash.  

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