What is the Latest Design in Bathroom Vanities?

By: JP Drolet
What is the Latest Design in Bathroom Vanities?

What is the Latest Design in Bathroom Vanities?  

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may be wondering, “what is the latest design in bathroom vanities?” Vanities make or break a room. They’re often the focal point and provide an overall understanding of the bathroom’s aesthetic. However, if you’re planning to sell your remodel project, you’ll want to be smart about what type of vanity you choose.  

Is Stone the Latest Design Element in Bathroom Vanities?  

Stone has always played a large part in bathroom vanities, whether it’s marble, granite, or quartz. However, many homeowners are taking stone to a whole new level. Instead of merely covering the sink in stone, they’re beginning to cover the entire vanity in beautiful rock. This year, a considerable trend was taking that stone and spreading it throughout the floors and along the walls. This cohesiveness gives a collective visual experience, unlike all others.   

Another common stone trend for vanities is to use monotone colors. Bathrooms in the 70s were notorious for being bright, using shades of pink or greens. Now, homeowners are looking for a more neutral experience. Instead, their faucets and towel holders are golds, matte blacks, whites, or silvers. Having a monotone vanity gives homeowners the opportunity to decorate their bathrooms with whatever accent colors they fancy. Whether it’s red towels in a black and white bathroom or mustard yellow towels in an earth-styled environment. 

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