How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

There’s nothing more exciting than remodeling your home or building your house from scratch. There are numerous rooms you’ll need to tend to and plenty of spaces that will require a complete transformation. With that, people always wonder which part of their houses they should begin with when performing a full home makeover.

Generally, it’s recommended that homeowners begin with bathrooms and kitchens, as these are two of the most important areas for basic necessities. When decorating your kitchen, you’ll want to find your countertops, flooring, appliances, general layout, storage options, and kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach

Before starting on the other items you may be wondering what kitchen cabinets are going to be the most fitting for your preferred style, as they will play a major part in your design. In this article, we’ve created a small style guide, pointing our clients in the right direction in terms of color, shape, and storage capacities. Keep reading to learn more about what cabinets are right for you! 


Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach 

Many homes in Pompano Beach are beautiful, new, and modern. Fortunately, modern homes take little design techniques, as they tend to sway in the same aesthetic direction. People who enjoy a modern home love the minimalism they bring, with light colors, light woods, and simple designs. 


In terms of a beautiful set of modern kitchen cabinets, you can choose from white solid colors or light-tone woods. These woods are almost white but can come in white oak, or a light grey. Whatever the case may be, modern cabinets rarely have designs on the outside or insets. They also have hardware that is white, tan, black, or silver. Very rarely do modern cabinets come with gold finishing, as that tends to be more popular in traditional cabinets. 


For your storage options, you’ll be surprised at what you can customize! Inside of the muted cabinets, you can find shelving, slide-out drawers, hidden nooks, and so much more. Keep the outside clean and simple, while creating a whole world of intricate storage compartments inside. 


Bohemian Kitchen Cabinets 

While some individuals prefer to go sleek and modern, others are looking for something even more simple and open. Bohemian cabinets are almost always made of woods, generally light-tone, and in some rare cases, dark tones. These woods are natural and rarely have a shiny exterior. Instead, they are more matted. 


For those that prefer a more open landscape to their kitchen designs, bohemian cabinets may not even have doors! Instead, the open shelving plan shows all of the ceramic dishes, glassware, and floral vases that are beautifully placed in between. Storage, for both bathrooms and kitchens, using this type of aesthetic isn’t always the most practical, as you won’t be able to fit many large items without the risk of it looking cluttered. 


Traditional Cabinets 

Last, but not least, traditional cabinets are recommended for those who are in old Mediterranean homes, older homes, or houses that have an older character. Traditional, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t mean boring. Traditional cabinets tend to be heavier, chunkier, and more elaborate. Individuals who love antiques and history sway towards traditional cabinets, for the beauty that customization can bring. The insets and handles can be quite decorative, leaving the cabinets in the kitchen a beautiful work of art. 


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