Glass Mosiac Tiles: Moving Beyond Contemporary Design

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For ages, people have been using tiles to decorate their homes, offices, spas, pools, you name it. With the advent of mosaic tiles, a brand new level of décor took off and it is still one of the most popular and elegant decorating techniques in use today. But, we now have a new motif—glass mosaic tiles, and it is hitting the designer markets like wildfire.

Glass mosaic tiles can be found being used just about everywhere these days, but they are especially nice when used in bathrooms and kitchens. They offer homeowners a very distinctive look that can be traditional or transitional, depending on how they are used. Combined with other materials such as marble or quartz, glass tiles can truly set off a space to make it unique and eye-catching.

For a long time, many people avoided using glass tiles thinking the tile was too brittle or that it might break and hurt someone. This is not true. Glass tiles are some of the most durable tiles on the market today and they can withstand a lot of punishment. It is safe even for use in kid’s bathrooms.

Glass tiles off some wonderful benefits. For one, they are very long lasting and they do not stain or absorb moisture. They are perfect for use in and around sinks, tubs, showers, pools, etc.

The color combinations that are available are immense and intense. A favorite combo that is found in many newer kitchens is very deep brown with bronze stones. This color scheme goes wonderfully with a variety of earth tones such as sage or mushroom. Glass tiles can also be used to enhance the look of many wood stains.

The use of interesting color palettes is also seen bathrooms. Glass tiles can easily be found in colors that mimic the ocean or water in general. You can find tiles in a variety of sand colors as well. Using any combination of blues, greens, and the sandy colors will create a variety of interesting backdrops from which you can work from. Adding light-colored vanities or mirror tables can bring new life to an old bath if you use glass tiles to help set things off.

Another benefit to mosaic tiles is that they are are very easy to work with. They can be purchased in sheets, either online or offline, and only a few simple tools are needed if one wants to install the tiles DIY style. Within a few hours, most tile jobs can be started and finished.

As you can see the new styles of glass mosaic tiles are opening up some wonderful decorating opportunities for homeowners. The number of projects and the available color schemes are nearly limitless, making these materials some of the most versatile on the market today. Low cost, ease of use, and wide availability all have contributed to making glass tiles one of the most sought after materials for home décor. Check it out yourself, it is not the same old glass of yesteryear!

JP Drolet

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