Discover the Most Stunning Bathroom Vanity Designs in Pompano Beach

Discover the Most Stunning Bathroom Vanity Designs in Pompano Beach

Bathroom Vanity design has come a long way in 2020. Today, we see designs that feature Art Deco, luxe,  traditional, rustic, and modern or contemporary styles. Most would agree that the place where you begin and end your day should be appealing and functional in design. What are the latest innovations in bathroom vanities in Pompano Beach? 

Check out the following vanity designs for shopping inspiration:

  • Solid surfaces. Solid surface countertops are very durable and can be used for kitchens and bathrooms. A solid surface countertop can be perfect for your vanity, bringing heat resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance, and non-porous hygienic construction. Solid surface vanity tops are the newest vanity design trend because they are durable, affordable, and stylish.               
  • Vanities with luxe faucets. If you’re going for a simple vanity design, it’s a great idea to splurge when it comes to the faucet. After all, the faucet can become its piece of art when you choose stylish options. Our experts at Delorie Countertops & Doors Inc. can help you pick the best faucet for your budget and style.
  • Vanities with a unique sink. When it comes to great vanity design, your sink choice is essential. Whether you’re choosing under-mount sinks or you’re looking for an artistic sink that sits above the vanity top, our experts can help! A stylish sink can make all the difference in your vanity design.  
  • A modern floating vanity. Weightless floating designs are shiny and reflective lacquer, offering a contemporary minimalist look in white or beige that makes your bathroom look airy and bright. Marble countertops on floating vanities are a popular trend.
  • A vanity with simple, clean lines. Think cottage blues and greens for this traditional look that will brighten your morning and comfort you when you get ready for bed. These vanities offer lots of counter space and storage options perfect for a growing family.
  • Splash protection. There are many ways the team at Delorie Countertops & Doors can help protect your vanity from any water damage. We can build watertight solutions such as backsplashes or elongated countertops that help protect your surfaces from any sink-related mishaps.
  • Glam mirrored vanity. You’ll feel like a movie star with one of these vanities in your bathroom. A mirrored vanity is a great way to enhance your vanity and give you the celebrity dressing room feel you’re looking for. 
  • Farmhouse vanity. Great for small spaces, the farmhouse vanity makes a comeback with dark woodsy colors and rustic features like bronze faucets, rustic cabinets and drawer pulls, and hinges.
  • Simple Open Vanity. When you don’t have a lot of space, this simple vanity can dress your room with its open storage option where you can display towels, bath products, and toilet paper in decorative baskets. You can also add a wall-mounted faucet for a great space-saving option.

Are you ready to learn more about your vanity options in Pompano Beach?

At Delorie Countertops & Doors, we know there are many great designs to choose from in bathroom vanities. And they can set the tone for the entire bathroom. Great bath vanities are built to last and that is exactly what you get here at Delorir Countertops in Pompano Beach.

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