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Discover New Stylish Countertops and Kitchen Cabinets Fort Lauderdale

Discover New Stylish Countertops and Kitchen Cabinets Fort Lauderdale

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Who doesn’t dream of a stylish kitchen? No matter where your tastes incline when the time comes to renovate your kitchen, Delorie Countertops & Doors has many ideas and options for making your dream come true with stylish laminate countertops and kitchen cabinets in Fort Lauderdale. Much more than a place where meals are prepared, the kitchen is the living space par excellence. It expresses our personality and highlights our sense of hospitality. That’s why, when it’s perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyle, the kitchen becomes the heart of your home.

Our mission is to create kitchens that meet your requirements through sophisticated designs, high-quality materials, and passionate people. Our creative kitchen designers who are attentive to your needs will guide you in the design and choice of materials and throughout the process until the last adjustment.

A unique experience is what we intend to provide our customers. We will make your living environment functional and stylish, whether for a renovation project or new construction. All while respecting your tastes, your budget, and your needs.

High-Quality Cabinets

In our projects, we use very high-quality kitchen cabinets made by the leading manufacturers in Canada. ((All of our cabinets and components come from Canada from our sister company Premoule who has been manufacturing cabinet components for more than 50 years). We can carry out unique projects with Kitchen Cabinets Fort Lauderdale designs inspired by European trends or kitchen cabinets inspired by modern materials’ combined textures. Let’s make your dreams come true by fully expressing your creativity without compromising on the product.

High-Quality Countertops

Delorie Countertops & Doors offers you its services to design and install kitchen countertops for your kitchen and bathroom or to ensure the junction between the two. Our craftsmen make countertops that incorporate decorative elements for the more daring looking for a trendy design or a unique piece. Besides benefiting from a wide choice of colors, it will be possible to integrate other materials into the counter’s design.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are easy to maintain; therefore, no bacteria and no special maintenance. You have a wide choice of finishes and colors from which to choose. Laminate is affordable. The front of the counter is molded.

There is a possibility of having non-standard thicknesses and depths. We can create square edge, postformed and applied edge without a visible line on the white countertop colors. Your options are limitless.

Installing a laminate counter allows you to bring a new look to a kitchen. This can be done at the best quality and the lowest cost. In the case of a natural stone countertop, the installation is costly, as for its refurbishment, it would cost double. Unlike more expensive materials, laminate can be replaced at a fraction of the cost.

Durability and easy maintenance

You can easily maintain laminate countertops because they are durable and easy to clean. The laminate can give a surface making the natural look of stone at a much lower price. Also, matching the right color and texture with the kitchen interior is an essential part of choosing the right equipment. By using samples, could facilitate the decision-making process. If you are interested in a laminate countertop, here are the qualities to expect.

Timeless and elegant

There are several textures and colors available at our store. The laminate is timeless, versatile, and customizable, with colors and modern and attractive patterns, no need to stress about keeping things trendy and elegant. Laminate countertops are also easy to maintain. Tested under everyday use, they resist stains, heat, and impact much like upscale materials.

As for cleaning, which is an essential element in choosing a kitchen counter, it should be noted that the laminate does not require select chemicals. It is a big plus for daily use.

Laminate countertop is becoming one of the most popular choices to outfit kitchens and complement their cabinets. It is appealing to homeowners who cannot afford to break the bank on stone countertops. The laminate gives a kitchen a great look without spending much money. Adopting this material is a smart choice to have a modern and durable kitchen countertop.

We have other materials available for the construction and renovation of your kitchen, bathroom, or custom furniture. A unique and creative experience is our goal for our customers. Whether it is for a renovation project or new construction, we will do everything to make your living environment functional and stylish. All while respecting your tastes, your budget, and your needs.

Complete Project Management

At Delorie Countertops & Doors, we also stand out by the quality of its services. We offer our customers complete and rigorous management of each project, from the design to installing the cabinets and laminate countertops, according to a stringent and duly respected schedule.

Material selection

Whether for your countertops or Kitchen Cabinets , we use materials and raw materials that not only meet the most stringent requirements of the industry but, above all, that meet the expectations of our customers in terms of durability.

Our selection of suppliers respects a series of criteria and standards that we have studied to offer you a proven product. Also, when receiving the materials, we carry out a most meticulous inspection before their use.

Concept and design

We understand the importance of a project, which is why our team of consultants and kitchen designers can accompany you until the end of your project. We suggest good choices while considering your needs. We can make your plans with virtual rendering, allowing you to visualize your future project.

Measurement and installation

Getting the measurements of your kitchen correct is essential. This work is carried out with our experienced cabinetmakers and countertop designers to validate the measurements before any order. The installation is carefully done so that your project reaches the highest level of success and follows the art rules.

Delorie Countertops & Doors is committed to providing good after-sales service. This is why it is essential for us to validate their satisfaction at the end of the project. Our business success is pegged on your joy and happiness. Call (954) 970 7661 to experience our difference.

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