Designing the Ultimate Gourmet Kitchen

By: JP Drolet
Designing the Ultimate Gourmet Kitchen

Did You Know?

Gourmet kitchens are not only a personal luxury but also boost a home’s market value. According to several real estate surveys, kitchen remodels offer one of the highest ROIs when selling a home, especially those that elevate a kitchen to gourmet status.

A gourmet kitchen is the ultimate dream for any home chef. This luxurious and functional space brings together high-end amenities, quality craftsmanship, and innovative technology to provide a phenomenal culinary experience. If you’re looking to build your fantasy gourmet kitchen, here are some awesome must-have elements to include.

Design an Expansive Island

The kitchen island is the gourmet kitchen’s focal point and functional centerpiece. When designing your luxury island, bigger is better – opt for dimensions of at least 6 feet long and 3 feet deep. This provides ample real estate for food prep, dining, entertaining, and integrating top-tier features.

Choose Premium Materials

Construct your expansive island from lavish materials to emulate high-end style:

  • Natural stones like marble, granite, and quartzite exude elegance and durability
  • Concrete offers a seamless, contemporary look in on-trend finishes like polished or stained
  • Exotic woods like teak, mahogany, or walnut provide warmth and timeless beauty
  • Stainless steel lends a modern, industrial vibe and is easy to clean

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Finish the look with sturdy cabinets, drawers, and closed storage to conceal clutter.

Integrate State-of-the-Art Features

Take your island beyond basic prep space by integrating features that maximize convenience:

  • Power outlets – Integrate outlets to operate appliances with ease
  • Prep sinks – Install secondary sinks for tasks like cleaning produce
  • Refrigerator drawers – Keep beverages and snacks chilled within arm’s reach
  • Dishwasher – Include a second dishwasher for smooth entertaining clean-up
  • Storage – Incorporate cabinets and drawers for organized storage
  • Overhang space – Allow room for bar-height seating and dining

Incorporate Lighting and Decor

Don’t forget lighting and personal touches to make your island design truly custom:

  • Pendant lamps – Hang dramatic light fixtures over the island for task lighting
  • Decorative fixtures – Include eye-catching sconces or chandeliers
  • Herb garden – Grow herbs and greens for easy access while cooking
  • Wine rack – Store your favorite vintages on display within reach
  • Bookshelves – flank the island with shelving to store cookbooks and decor

With intelligent planning and design, your kitchen island can meet all your culinary desires while anchoring the space in luxury and style.

Select Premium Surfaces

For a gourmet kitchen, the countertops and backsplashes deserve special consideration. These surfaces see heavy use and wear, so durability and aesthetics are vital in selecting premium materials.


The countertop is the workhorse of the kitchen. Aim for at least 12 square feet of continuous surface area for food prep, appliance staging, and entertaining.

Quartz is an ideal choice – non-porous, stain and heat-resistant while mimicking the beauty of natural stone. Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria all offer high-end quartz in assorted colors and patterns.

Granite provides a timeless, luxurious look with unique natural veining. Opt for low-maintenance polished granite. Darker varieties like Ubatuba granite hide stains and scratches well.

Marble lends an elegant, old-world feel but requires diligent sealing to prevent stains. Stick to lower-traffic areas.

Soapstone is an exceptionally durable option, resistant to bacteria, with a smoother, less porous finish than natural stone. Frequent re-oiling is needed to maintain its dark charcoal color.

Wood like walnut, maple, and bamboo add warmth and complement traditional kitchens well. Choose durable varieties and add protective finishes.


The backsplash provides the perfect canvas for a design focal point. Consider:

  • Stone mosaic – Small stone tiles in an intricate pattern add visual flair
  • Metal tiles – Stainless steel, copper, or brass tiles lend an industrial edge
  • Glass tile – Choose handmade glass pieces and metallic grout for sparkle
  • Natural stone slabs – A marble or granite slab makes a dramatic statement

Take advantage of this opportunity to introduce color, texture, and luxury details. The options are endless!

With careful planning and expert installation, your surfaces can withstand heavy use while elevating your gourmet space to a new level of elegance.

Outfit With Commercial Grade Appliances

Serious home chefs require serious appliances designed for professional use. Commercial-grade appliances offer durability, power, and features not found in residential models.

Ranges & Cooktops

Look for restaurant-style ranges and cooktops from brands like Wolf, Viking, and Thermador. Must-have features include:

  • Convection baking – Fans circulate hot air for even browning and reduced cooking times
  • Indoor grill – Achieve sear marks and smoky flavor from the comfort of your kitchen
  • Power burners – Boiling and searing requires at least 18,000 BTU for rapid heating
  • Griddle plate – Make pancakes, bacon, and more all on one non-stick cooking surface
  • Restaurant-style ventilation – At least 1,200 CFM to handle heat and smoke

Opt for cooktops with 5 or more burners to handle multiple pots, pans and cooking zones at once.


Look for ovens that combine convection technology, steam, and precision temperature control:

  • Steam ovens – Incorporate a steam option to lock in flavor and moisture
  • Convection mode – Use fans to distribute heat quickly and evenly
  • Precision temperature control – Maintain accurate and stable temps, even for delicate dishes
  • Restaurant-style oven capacity – Accommodate large roasts and sheet pans with at least 4 cubic feet of capacity.

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For complete functionality, include two full-sized ovens – one for main dishes, and a second for sides and baking.


Commercial fridges and freezers serve the needs of an avid cook and entertainer. Prioritize:

  • Full-size units – At least 30 inches wide to provide substantial capacity
  • Precision temperature zones – Keep ingredients at optimal temps with separate control panels
  • Easy access – Opt for French door style refrigerators along with pull-out freezer drawers

Include under-counter wine refrigerators conveniently located near your prep and dining areas.

With the right commercial-grade appliances, you can cook, entertain, and live like a professional chef right at home.

Store and Display Your Wine Collection

A temperature-controlled wine storage is a must for any oenophile’s gourmet kitchen. Properly storing and showing off your wine collection demonstrates refinement and sophistication.

Built-In Wine Refrigerators

For seamless integration, install commercial-grade wine refrigerators directly into surrounding cabinetry. Key features to look for:

  • Dual temperature zones – Keep reds and whites at proper serving temps
  • UV-resistant glass doors – Protect against light damage while still displaying bottles
  • Shelving designed for standard bottles – Avoid cramming or improper storage
  • Vibration neutralization – Reduce agitation that can disrupt sediments
  • Capacity for at least 200 bottles – Prepare for expansion of your collection

Position built-in wine refrigerators near prep and dining areas for convenient access.

Freestanding Storage Units

Freestanding storage units, like wine cabinets and cellar racks, provide specialized storage with style:

  • Glass door units – Tempered, UV-resistant glass and adjustable shelving neatly show off your wines
  • Solid wood cabinets – Rich hardwoods like mahogany add ambiance and protect bottles from light
  • Custom racking systems – Tailor storage to fit your existing collection and the space

Proper Conditions

Whether choosing coolers or racking, keep ideal conditions in mind:

  • Temperatures between 55°F – 60°F to preserve wine properly
  • Humidity around 70% to maintain cork seal and prevent drying out
  • Minimal vibration to avoid sediment disruption
  • UV light protection through tinted glass, wood, or opaque materials

By tastefully integrating wine storage into your gourmet kitchen, you can enjoy your collection while cooking and entertaining.

Include a Walk-in Pantry

No gourmet kitchen is complete without a spacious, well-appointed walk-in pantry for organized storage and easy access to ingredients.

Size and Layout

  • Shoot for a pantry with at least 8 feet x 4 feet of floor space
  • Include a 36-inch wide entry door for moving in bulky items
  • Install floor-to-ceiling shelving on all available wall space
  • Incorporate a mix of shelf widths – some for small items, others for large appliances
  • Position the pantry close to cooking and prep zones for convenience

Storage Solutions

Maximize every inch of space with specialized storage additions:

  • Pull-out drawers for heavy pots and pans or bulky baking sheets
  • Spinning corner Lazy Susans for spices, oils, and condiments
  • Roll out trays and shelves for easy access to items in the back
  • Adjustable tension drawer dividers to organize utensils and gadgets
  • Mounted can dispensers and paper towel holders free up shelf space

Finishing Touches

  • LED lighting on dimmable tracks to illuminate every shelf clearly
  • Under cabinet lighting to spotlight prep surfaces
  • Outlets to charge small appliances and tools
  • Durable, easy-clean flooring like tile or seamless vinyl
  • Tucked away recycling and compost bins

With meticulous organization and storage, your walk-in pantry will be a functioning work of art – and the envy of all your dinner guests.

The gourmet kitchen of your dreams combines high-end finishes, innovative technology, and expert craftsmanship.

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  • A gourmet kitchen combines luxury and functionality, ideal for home chefs.
  • An expansive kitchen island, at least 6 feet long and 3 feet deep, is essential.
  • The island’s materials can range from natural stones like marble and granite to concrete, exotic woods, and stainless steel.
  • Islands can be enhanced with integrated outlets, prep sinks, refrigerator drawers, dishwashers, storage, and overhang space for seating.
  • Lighting includes pendant lamps and decorative fixtures, and personal touches like herb gardens, wine racks, and bookshelves can accent the island.
  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces are crucial: quartz, granite, marble, soapstone, and wood for countertops, with diverse options for backsplashes.
  • Commercial-grade appliances, including ranges with convection baking, indoor grills, and high-capacity ventilation, elevate the culinary experience.
  • Ovens should combine convection technology, steam, precision temperature control, and ample capacity.
  • Commercial fridges and freezers are necessary, prioritizing precision temperature zones and easy access.
  • A gourmet kitchen should incorporate temperature-controlled wine storage, with built-in and freestanding options.
  • Wine storage considerations include dual temperature zones, UV-resistant glass, vibration neutralization, and capacity.
  • A spacious walk-in pantry, ideally 8 feet x 4 feet, with specialized storage additions and LED lighting, enhances functionality.
  • Delorie Countertops & Doors can help in upgrading kitchens with state-of-the-art craftsmanship in countertops and cabinetry.

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