Delicate Polyester Doors in Pompano Beach

By: JP Drolet
Delicate Polyester Doors in Pompano Beach

Get Beautiful Polyester Doors in Pompano Beach at Delorie Countertops & Doors 

You may have heard that there’s a new trend in the décor industry. That trend is polyester doors. You heard it! Polyester doors are making a splashing entrance into the interior design world. At Delorie Countertops, we like to be in with the new too, which is why we are currently distributing 2 lines of polyester doors. Now, you may be thinking, polyester doors? What? Why? Well, read this article to learn more about polyester doors in Pompano Beach. 

What Exactly are Polyester Doors 

Polyester doors are 5-piece doors made out of polyester wrapped MDF stiles and rails with melamine center panels. Because they are originally 5-piece doors, they are sometimes mistaken for real wood doors. The main difference between the original wood doors and the polyester doors, being the price tag. 

Wood-like Finish  

Wood is a beautiful, delicate material that adds a touch of distinction and sophistication to your kitchen’s interior design. However, with polyester, you can get gloss and high-brilliance, with several trendy colors to choose from. At Delorie Countertops & Doors, we provide both, the Evolution and the Concept Avanti collections from Prémoulé. 

Cheaper Price  

No one wants to have to break the bank to make their kitchen look like a million box. Original wood, however is intrinsically expensive. For those who can’t afford it, but that want something that resembles the look and finish of wood, there’s polyester. Not only is it much cheaper, but it adapts more to your current kitchen decoration. You are able to choose from a range of colors within the polyester model. 

The Process  

When you visit Delorie Countertops & Doors, our experts will help you navigate the whole process. From helping you go through the different brochures and advising you on certain important components, to getting down all relevant information for the installation. With our excellent customer service and expertise, the process is sure to go smoothly.  

Contact Us for Your Polyester Doors in Pompano Beach  

For more information on Delorie’s polyester doors and the deals and options we have to offer, you can visit our website,, and click the “our products” section. Or you can also contact our team at (954) 970-7661.We are glad to help you take a step into the new, improved and sophisticated kitchen you’ve always wanted.

JP Drolet

Jean-Philippe Drolet brings over 18 years of sales and business development experience to his role at Delorie Countertops & Doors. Originally from Quebec City, Canada, he relocated to Florida in 2005 and assumed leadership of Delorie. Over the last five years, J.P. has dedicated himself to enhancing the company in various aspects, with a constant focus on achieving excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. His efforts have solidified Delorie's position as a leading countertop fabricator and cabinet door distributor in South Florida, reflecting J.P.'s commitment to quality and service.

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