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Manufactured by Premoule, Inc., which has been operating for over 40 years, our thermofoil doors are available in a large array of colors and models. Our thermo doors come with many available options for customizing such as numerous edge profiles, matching back color, drilling of hinge holes, glaze and Italian lacquer finishing and of course matching accessories (fillers, mouldings, valances, etc.). All thermo doors are custom-made to your specifications and come with a 10 year warranty.


We currently distribute 3 lines of wood doors to offer you an innumerable amount of choices in regard to door model and wood species. There are also matching accessories available with all of our wood doors, including fillers, mouldings, valances, appliqués, table legs and more. All wood doors are custom-made to your specifications and are available raw or finished with paint or stain.


Also manufactured by Premoule, Inc. our painted MDF doors are available in an unlimited array of colors: from matches to the popular Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Wilsonart and Formica colors to colors specially customized to your customer’s tastes. Our painted MDF doors are also available in six different finish options: satin, high gloss, pearl, metallic, antique, and brushed.


Delorie currently distributes 2 lines of polyester doors. A fairly new trend in the industry, polyester doors are 5 piece doors made out of polyester wrapped MDF stiles and rails with melamine center panels. Because they are true 5 piece doors they are often mistaken for real wood doors, and are the perfect choice for your customers who want the look of a real wood door at a fraction of the price.


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Postformed laminate doors are made out of laminate with a particle board core. There are 5 edge profiles available and the doors can be made in any HPL color from Wilsonart, Formica, Arborite, etc. Less expensive than painted doors, laminate doors are the best solution for your customers who are interested in colors/patterns not available in thermofoil.


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StevensWood™ offers unlimited surface textures with unique and inspiring designs – removing all boundaries for designers and architects.


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High Gloss and Super Matte Panels are manufactured to meet internationally recognized quality standards and will suit any residential or commercial project where a ripple free, easy to maintain high gloss or matte finish is desired.

Paragon offers Gizir in Slab, Shaker and 3 Piece fronts.

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