Are Bathroom Vanities Available in Pompano Beach?

By: JP Drolet
Are Bathroom Vanities Available in Pompano Beach?

In Style 2020: Bathroom Vanities in Pompano Beach 

2020 has been an interesting year, but it isn’t stopping the trends! If you’re considering a spring makeover, you’re not alone. Hundreds of people are planning their home remodel projects, with kitchens and bathrooms at the forefront of their to-do lists. When planning a remodel project, you’ll want to ensure that you’re staying on-trend – this will help increase the value of your home. Trends help homeowners to know what’s in style, and what isn’t. This guide will aid anyone who is considering a new vanity. Keep reading to learn more!


Minimalism is In for Bathroom Vanities in Pompano Beach 

Minimalism has been in for a while now, and that trend isn’t seeming to slow down anytime soon. In fact, minimalism took a rise as millennials started to invest in housing and apartments. Their home décor tastes are simple, clean, and monotone. For bathroom vanities, this trend will continue for the foreseeable future, as the simple styles and colors make the space feel fresh.


Marble Countertops 

Marble is not only luxurious, but it’s also quite durable. As far as vanity surfaces go, marble tops are one of the best sellers. It makes your bathroom stand out, and the countertop adds an air of elegance to space. Marble has been in style for ages, and it will continue to be a sought-after material for many more.


Wooden Vanity Bases 

One of the newer trends we’re seeing this year are wooden vanities. The credit can be given to spas that have incorporated a rustic, earth-tone vibe to their properties. As more and more people see this trend unfolding, they’re wanting to bring the luxury, tranquility, and serenity into their homes. Often, these wooden vanity bases are paired with modern mirrors, metal hardware, and darker countertops.


Open Shelving 

Open shelving was in last year, and it’s continued into 2020. Open shelving may seem complicated in terms of keeping it clean, but there are simple additions that don’t require much maintenance. For example, showing rolls of white towels on an open shelf can bring a sense of peace, and induce a spa-like atmosphere. It’s also a great place to keep soaps and lotions, especially if you aren’t wanting to clutter the tabletop.


Floating Vanities 

The term floating vanity simply means that there aren’t any legs on the vanity. It looks incredibly sleek and plays into the minimalist style. Oftentimes, these are simple and modern updates, giving a high-end ambiance to any carefully crafted bathroom.


If you’re looking for assistance while choosing the ideal bathroom vanities in Pompano Beach, you’re in the right place. At Delorie Countertops & Doors, we’re proud to have helped hundreds of Florida residents create the bathrooms and kitchens of their dreams. The first step is understanding what your options are. The second step is identifying a fitting style. Then, it’s up to our team to give an affordable price on both the product and installations. We’re a proud partner and distributor of quality Premoule’ products as well. This means that you can indulge in fine craftsmanship and excellent products.  Let’s get started! Contact our team at 954-970-7661.


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