2018 Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

By: JP Drolet
2018 Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach

Though 2018 is halfway over, it doesn’t mean that the trends for kitchen cabinets in Pompano Beach have gone out of style. The 2018 trend reports come from multiple different sources, all of which are professionals in the industry. Since cabinets are at the forefront of a new kitchen, there’s almost always something to be said about what types of cabinets are trending, and which are out of style. 

Color Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Pompano Beach  

While browns and woods used to be the most popular finishes, more and more individuals are looking to branch out. White, blues, and grays are some of the most common colors being used, as they offer character without sacrificing beauty. Dark colored kitchen cabinets tend to darken a room, which is why they are typically avoided. If homeowners are looking to add wooden accents into their homes, oak and walnut woods are recommended.  

Inset Frameless Cabinet Doors vs. Raised Panel Cabinet Doors 

The era of modernism is upon us, and the same is true for cabinets. Old, raised panel doors are out, and inset frameless doors are in. The reason being is that they are cleaner and more minimalistic. However, if a homeowner is working with a more traditional home style, the raised panel door is undoubtedly the better option. 

Cabinet Hardware 

Details are everything in a kitchen, and that includes its finishes. Matte blacks, gold, and glass are three of the most common accents around. Many homeowners prefer to match their accents with their appliances or faucets. However, referring back to the trending cabinet colors, blacks, gold, and glass finishes fit beautifully.  

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